Create Your Own Custom WordPress Website in One Week - No Experience Required

Don't waste your time and money working with an expensive web designer - you can make a great website yourself.

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Imagine you could build your own website exactly the way you want it, quicker than working with a developer, and way cheaper.  You can!

Working with a web designer or agency will cost both time and money. Take control of your digital presence. Not only will you save time and money, but you will give yourself limitless potential to succeed online.

So what's the best way to make this kind of site?

Making a website has never been easier - I'm sure you have come across sites like Squarespace and perhaps even watched a YouTube video with a title that sounds something like "How to Build a Website in 10 Minutes".

The problem is that these too good to be true promises will give you something glitzy in the first hour, followed by endless frustration when you want to customize and expand your site. You’ll never get far traveling down dead-end roads. Instead, invest in yourself. Start with the very best tools. Learn from a pro. You can do it!

That's where I come in - after years of building websites for clients of all sizes, I have developed a step by step guide that details my process of building a custom website, then taking your website capabilities well beyond the course.

With this course, you will build your website in as little as a week, or at your own leisurely pace.

You’ll have a full year to access my step-by-step video instructions that show you how to develop websites using Divi and WordPress. Hopefully, by then you will have mastered the information I provide.

Since it is self-paced, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward as it meets your needs.  It's like having your own teacher available 24/7!

You’ll learn to build a professional quality website, using the tools used by experts. I make it easy and all in one place.

When you learn to build your own website, you will never have to spend big bucks paying a web developer again.  You will never have to wait days or weeks for someone else to make a simple change.  Never worry if your web developer is going to call you back anymore.

All that is behind you because now…You can build websites!

You will get the hang of how to use one of the most powerful WordPress themes around - Divi by Elegant Themes. You will also learn how to implement things like Google Analytics, email subscriptions, website maintenance through ManageWP or GoDaddy Pro, and core ideologies behind why and how to implement content on each page.

You will essentially get open access to how people like me make websites for a living (and a good one at that) - and if you take a liking to this, you could certainly make sites for clients of your own!

Now is the Best Time To Master a New Skill

Building a website has never been easier. You will learn how to build your website from beginning to end from a professional who has developed websites for small businesses, charities, doctors, lawyers, multi-million-dollar corporations, large healthcare organizations, and more.  I will share all my important skills so you can create a website that meets your needs quickly and easily.

You won't have to go through endless trial and error aggravation, Googling every little detail to try to piece it all together.  It's all here.  Clearly.  Logically.  In order.  In one place. If you have questions, simply post them in the discussion and you will get answers fast.

Who is this course for?

Business Owners

If you own a business or are thinking of starting an online venture, managing your own website can save you hundreds (if not thousands) and give you control over your digital presence.

Marketing Pros

Tired of working with agencies and web developers? Building a website is easy with the right teacher. You probably already know the basics of digital marketing, so making the website work for you could be a big step up in your skillset.

Side Hustlers

Looking to make your idea into a reality online? Save time, save money, and grow your skills. This could be the first of many websites you create - either for yourself or even for a living.

Take a Peek at the Course Curriculum


  • Welcome to The Course!

Foundations: Setting Up Your Website's Back End

  • Unit terms, products, and definitions
  • Get started with GoDaddy Managed WordPress
  • Purchase Your Theme - Divi by Elegant Themes
  • How To Set Up GoDaddy Ultimate Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Install Your Theme and Core Plugins
  • Authenticate Your Divi License
  • How to Update Themes, Plugins, and WordPress on the Front End
  • Establish Your Default Color Scheme
  • Watch This and Download The Attached File Before Setting Up Font Defaults
  • Set a Static Home Page
  • Set Up Font Defaults
  • Place Your Logo in the Header
  • Customize Appearance Settings
  • Configure Remaining WordPress Settings
  • Add Some CSS for Future Lessons

Home Page (Your First In Depth Guide to Your Website Using Divi)

  • Home Page Creation Preview
  • Set Up Ninja Forms (In Preparation For Your First Call To Action)
  • Top Section (Above The Fold)
  • Top Section Alternate Form - Email Subscription
  • About Section with Photo or Video
  • Three Blurbs (Steps, Features, or Processes)
  • Deep Below the Fold Content and Testimonial Blurbs
  • Custom Blog Sections
  • Custom Global Footer
  • Multi-Screen Format Checks (Mobile and Tablet)
  • (Optional) Create a One Page Website Style Main Menu

About Page

  • Create an About Page (Step by Step Guide)
  • How Was This Unit?

Blog and Projects Pages (and Posts)

  • Introduction to Blogs and Projects
  • Create a Blog Post (2 Different Styles)
  • Create a Blog Page
  • Create a Project from a Divi Template
  • Create a Project Page

Contact Page

  • Set Up Your reCAPTCHA
  • Creating a Form with Ninja Forms
  • Creating Your Page

Pricing and Services Pages

  • Create Your Custom Services Page from a Divi Template
  • Create Your Custom Pricing Page from a Divi Template
  • Create a Payment Gateway Using PayPal and/or Gravity Forms

Content Creation and Curation

  • Content Document (Use this as a guide for the content you will need for this website)
  • How to Create a Logo

Extra Skills

  • Set Up Google Analytics
  • Set Up a Branded Email Using Google Admin (Gmail)
  • SEO, Paid Search, and Key Resources
  • Site Maintenance - Automating Backups, Updates, Uptime Monitoring, and Security for Free with GoDaddy Pro
  • How I Photoshop Images of People and Remove Backgrounds
  • Resize Large Groups of Images Photoshop Image Processor

So what are you waiting for? 

I spent years waiting to learn to build websites and can tell you from experience: waiting is a costly decision. You could easily put this off, hire a developer, and be like me – you wait until a bad experience costs you dearly and you are forced to make a decision.

Or you can be proactive – save time, money, and grow your skills to make something amazing.

How Much Content Will I Get?



Hours of Video

What do I need for this course?

In order to build your website, you will need to purchase a hosting plan, domain, SSL, and Divi (which is the premium theme I use in the course). You would need all of these elements in order to put together a website for your business, and you might already own some of these items.

The only specific product you need to own is Divi by Elegant Themes, and every other aspect of your site has options that I will describe for your consideration.

If you don’t currently own Divi, please wait until you are taking the course to purchase as the theme has a learning curve that I will walk you through.

Meet Your Guide: James DeLapa

I have been teaching my clients how to manage and maintain their websites for years. I have worked with multi-million dollar businesses, tech startups, major healthcare organizations, and more. When it comes to building a custom website, I know what it takes and look forward to teaching you the skills to do this for yourself.

Nicholas P. Tech Startup


James is the developer you want on your next project. Here's the deal. Yes, my project was completed perfectly and on-time. Yes, his technical skills are first-class. But what truly sets him apart from the sea of developers on UpWork is his ability to meet the needs of a corporate client. His communication skills are second-to-none and he's consistently available. He's more than willing to work directly with the various gatekeepers within your organization to reach your goals. And, he fully understands the need to demonstrate the impact of his work with video explainers, detailed emails, and dedicated conference calls. Make no mistake -- James is who you need to hire on your next project. You will not be disappointed.

CJ M. Technical Recruiting


James did a fantastic job with building our website. He took the time upfront to understand our needs and built a site that accomplishes everything we envisioned. He was patient throughout the processes as we went through revisions and edits and even delivered short tutorial videos at the end of the process to help us out with maintaining our site. I'd highly recommend him for future work!

Shawn S. Construction Litigation


Job well done! James is a true talent and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him on future projects.

Lisa T. Commercial Real Estate


James has been a rockstar part of our team! Not only is he super responsive, but he also contributed to the art/creativity, functionality and ultimately productivity/efficiency of our group.

He really did help us tremendously.

Marie E. Megayacht Company


This was now my second project with James and it couldn't have gone any easier or better. We had a tight timeline to have our website revamped and it just a few conversations and within a week, he was able to make the updates in a way we never could've accomplished ourselves. Also just a nice guy. Highly recommend!

Andie A. Influencer


James is everything you'd ever want in a developer. He is always quick to respond and explains everything he is doing thoroughly. He completes every task I hand him and offers suggestions for things that I know less about. I will continue to hire him in the future and trust him with all of my website needs!

William M. Talent Maniacs


James is incredible to work with because of his passion, design skills, communication, and follow up. Not only does he everything hey says, but he also digs deeper and understands business. I will definitely work with James on future projects.

Melissa S. Travel Blogger


I could not have asked for a better experience than I had with working together with James. Communication, skill level, and quality of work are above and beyond. Not only all of those things but I feel like I've made a friend as well. Never hesitate in hiring James! He's a rockstar!

Daniel W. Educator


James was very professional and far exceeded my expectations. I was truly amazed at how much knowledge they had of building my website and incorporating various designs, widgets, and other marketable features. I cannot believe how awesome my website looks. I strongly recommend James and would not doubt he would do great work for you as well.

Matthew M. Milligan Marketing


James responds quickly and ensures you are pleased with the work. They are extremely knowledgeable and able to provide great tips/suggestions.

You Can Do This

Knowing how to make and manage a website is an essential skill everyone should know. I didn't get my start in web development until I needed to fix my own business website (and a year later would switch careers!).

For years I have made my living building sites, but what has always set me apart from the competition is my ability to communicate to my clients just what it takes to make a site effective. I am taking this skill one step further to teach people that websites are not actually difficult to create, and they are even easier to manage.

Do not fear the learning curve - through the lessons provided in this course, you will see how I make sites for my clients, and beyond that, how managing and maintaining your own website can be almost completely automated. 

Anyone with an interest in taking control of their web presence can learn this skillset - it just takes a strong enough desire. If you learn this skill, you will gain a powerful tool that not only saves you time and money but has the potential to grow your business. You can even turn this skillset into a career - that's what I did. 

I can't wait to see what you create - thank you for letting me be your guide!



Are you serious about making a high-converting website?

In just one week you could have your own custom website and know how to build it yourself. I back up the value of this course with a 30-day full money-back guarantee.


Hours of Video