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Course Launches August 3, 2020! Get ready to build your own developer-quality website!








You Just Took a Great First Step!

Once the course launches, you will be able to get your site up and running within a week. I’m so excited to show you how to make your own site – it is easier than you think, and all it takes is some good guidance.

So what comes next?

Our course goes live very soon! Between now and then you will not need to do much to prepare, but you can take advantage of the time prior to the course getting involved in our private Facebook group.

Join the Private Facebook Group

  1. Head over to our public Facebook page and send us a message with the name and email you used to pre-enroll. While you are at it, why don’t you give us a like/follow!
  2. We will add you to the private Facebook group where you will be able to ask questions and collaborate with other pre-enrollee’s

Get a Clear Idea of Your Business

The most successful client outcomes I have experienced always come from people who know about their business. In the time leading up to the business, you should get comfortable with talking and writing about your business, what you do well, and what problem you solve for your target market.

Start thinking about the imagery you may want for your website. For instance, if you plan on having photos of yourself or your team, now would be the time to start planning a photoshoot! The more prepared you can be, the better.

Will I need to buy anything for this course?

You only need to buy the items you would need to buy to build a website. I will show certain “extras” to increase your abilities on the site, but here are the “essentials” you will need.

  1. Your Web Domain – we go over best practices and how to purchase a great domain if you don’t already have one.
  2. Hosting and SSL Certificate – in this course I use Ultimate Managed WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy, which includes a staging site, SSL certificate, backups, web security, and unlimited traffic capacity. In terms of bang for your buck, this is as good as it gets. I will discuss other options as well so you can make an educated decision regardless.
  3. Divi by Elegant Themes – this is our swiss army knife theme. This theme is how I build all my sites, and it is packed with amazing functionality. You can pick this theme up on an annual plan or on an unlimited license.
  4. All other items I will recommend have free alternates or are optional integrations. Since I have built so many websites, I have seen some pretty cool things and picked up some good skills. I only bring these things to your attention to help you make money or improve conversion.

Take a Peek at the Course Curriculum


  • Welcome to The Course!

Foundations: Setting Up Your Website's Back End

  • Unit terms, products, and definitions
  • Get started with GoDaddy Managed WordPress
  • Purchase Your Theme - Divi by Elegant Themes
  • How To Set Up GoDaddy Ultimate Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Install Your Theme and Core Plugins
  • Authenticate Your Divi License
  • How to Update Themes, Plugins, and WordPress on the Front End
  • Establish Your Default Color Scheme
  • Watch This and Download The Attached File Before Setting Up Font Defaults
  • Set a Static Home Page
  • Set Up Font Defaults
  • Place Your Logo in the Header
  • Customize Appearance Settings
  • Configure Remaining WordPress Settings
  • Add Some CSS for Future Lessons

Home Page (Your First In Depth Guide to Your Website Using Divi)

  • Home Page Creation Preview
  • Set Up Ninja Forms (In Preparation For Your First Call To Action)
  • Top Section (Above The Fold)
  • Top Section Alternate Form - Email Subscription
  • About Section with Photo or Video
  • Three Blurbs (Steps, Features, or Processes)
  • Deep Below the Fold Content and Testimonial Blurbs
  • Custom Blog Sections
  • Custom Global Footer
  • Multi-Screen Format Checks (Mobile and Tablet)
  • (Optional) Create a One Page Website Style Main Menu

About Page

  • Create an About Page (Step by Step Guide)
  • How Was This Unit?

Blog and Projects Pages (and Posts)

  • Introduction to Blogs and Projects
  • Create a Blog Post (2 Different Styles)
  • Create a Blog Page
  • Create a Project from a Divi Template
  • Create a Project Page

Contact Page

  • Set Up Your reCAPTCHA
  • Creating a Form with Ninja Forms
  • Creating Your Page

Pricing and Services Pages

  • Create Your Custom Services Page from a Divi Template
  • Create Your Custom Pricing Page from a Divi Template
  • Create a Payment Gateway Using PayPal and/or Gravity Forms

Content Creation and Curation

  • Content Document (Use this as a guide for the content you will need for this website)
  • How to Create a Logo

Extra Skills

  • Set Up Google Analytics
  • Set Up a Branded Email Using Google Admin (Gmail)
  • SEO, Paid Search, and Key Resources
  • Site Maintenance - Automating Backups, Updates, Uptime Monitoring, and Security for Free with GoDaddy Pro
  • How I Photoshop Images of People and Remove Backgrounds
  • Resize Large Groups of Images Photoshop Image Processor